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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Expert Anna Miller has tips for more conscious use of mobile phones and the like.

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We’re often on the phone. Very often. Anna Miller, an expert on digital mindfulness, advocates a conscious use of our screen time. Her book on this is called “Connected. How to make room for things that are really important to you in the digital age”. To the star says Miller how this can be achieved.

Ms. Miller, when did you realize that something was going wrong with digital behavior?
It sounds a bit melodramatic. But there were moments on the bus when nobody helps the elderly woman because everyone is staring at their smartphone. Or when I’m talking to girlfriends and no one is really present because a screen is constantly flashing. I think we humans feel lonely enough.

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That sounds sad and in a way beautiful and yes, a bit melodramatic.
Of course I can maintain friendships over the internet and that’s great. But above all, we need physical closeness. We are herd animals. Much of our communication is non-verbal. Our brain hasn’t changed much in thousands of years.

Source: Stern

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