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How do I become happy(er)? According to science with these 14 habits

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Luck is a strange thing: Many people want it so much that they try almost everything to achieve this desirable feeling. And when they succeed, it’s gone again the next moment. Being happy is not permanent. Rather, it is the peaks that our life has in store for us in the most beautiful and touching moments.

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And yet there are ways and means with which we can give our basic well-being a boost. Happiness research has always been concerned with the question of what actually makes people happy and which characteristics and habits promote basic life satisfaction.

What actually makes me happy?

One of the leading scientists in the field was Michael W. Fordyce. Among other things, the psychiatrist developed behavioral-oriented happiness therapy, which took into account emotional, situational, physiological, cognitive and biographical requirements for well-being.

His 14 principles of happiness were also based on this. They describe habits that should make everyone happier. In the photo gallery you will find an overview of Fordyce’s advice. To this day, they have neither been proven nor disproved – but they sometimes offer good food for thought for the question of what actually makes us happy.


Source: Stern

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