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Endometriosis: Five myths – and which of them are really true

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People with endometriosis often experience severe pain during menstruation. Stray tissue that resembles the lining of the uterus is to blame. There is still a great deal of ignorance about the disease.

An estimated 190 million people worldwide suffer from endometriosis – a condition in which so-called endometriosis lesions grow in the abdomen and can result in permanent damage to organs such as the intestines or fallopian tubes. Although endometriosis is quite common, there is a lot of ignorance about the disease. There are still people who have never heard of the condition or who don’t understand the term. Those affected are therefore repeatedly met with a lack of understanding – in their environment, but sometimes also among medical staff.

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To mark Endometriosis Awareness Month in March, we’ve taken a look at five common claims about the disease: which are true and which aren’t?

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