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Trim beard: tips & product guide for shaving

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It can be quite stubborn at times: the beard needs good care and a regular trim. We explain how to trim your beard properly – and what you should avoid when cutting.

Not only the head of hair should be brought into shape regularly. You should also have beards. Doing this at home saves time and money. But there are a few things to consider. We have tips to help you Trim beard properly and cut.

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Trim beard: These tools are necessary for shaving

If you want to trim your beard at home, it is best to have one or beard trimmer have at one’s fingertips. This should have different attachments or settings in order to be able to trim different cutting lengths, preferably have a movable head and ideally also be able to cut precisely in order to be able to use it in the area of ​​the upper lip, for example.

Also good for beard trimming: a wet shaver or a . If the electric razor is not precise enough, you can use it very precisely shave contours and he also removes short hairs. This is how you cut your beard really sharp and it doesn’t look stubbly. If you have a long or full beard, you should also have beard scissors and a beard comb or brush at home. The comb loosens knots, with the scissors you can precisely remove protruding whiskers. Good stainless steel scissors are also suitable for roughly trimming the beard.

Shaving oil, foam or gel are recommended for shaving the contours. In addition, one should have ready: for washing and for care after shaving, especially with longer facial hair. Before trimming, the beard should be washed and dried in any case. After cutting, it needs care in order not to appear dull. Aftershave is also important for the skin, especially with a short beard.

Trim full or long beard properly

A long beard should be trimmed regularly and kept in shape. We explain step by step how this works best:

  • wash beard: Before trimming, the beard should be washed with beard shampoo. Then let it dry, comb and off you go.
  • Set cutting length: Before you can trim your beard, you should set the trimmer to the desired cutting length. It is best to set it to the longest length first and trim again if necessary.
  • Trim beard: When trimming a beard, it is best to start on the cheeks. These are trimmed in the direction of growth. Short sections such as the sideburns are best cut against the direction of growth. However, if the skin is sensitive, you can also try whether it works better with the beard trimmer in the direction of growth.
  • Cut mustache: It is best not to take too much length away here and also try out the largest setting first and trim if necessary. You can also use beard scissors to do this: comb the hair down and cut off all the hair just before the upper lip.
  • draw contours: When trimming the beard contours, the cheek and neck area are particularly important. Or if you have sideburns. It is best to use a gel or shaving oil for this and you should use a wet razor if the electric razor does not have a contour attachment.
  • Combing and grooming your beard: At the end, comb or brush again and ideally treat the beard with beard oil or another care product.

How often should you trim a beard?

Of course, it takes time for a full beard to grow. A centimeter in length takes about a month. But even if you want to grow a long beard, you should trimmed regularly to stay in reasonable shape. As soon as hair sticks out, you should start shaving with scissors, comb, beard trimmer and the like.

Properly trim three-day or short beard

A shorter beard tends to have less hair to trim, but this type of beard requires more regular trimming. The best way to do this is as follows:

  • Adjust trimmers: Depending on the desired length, select the cut setting again. Here, too, it is better to take the longer cutting length and gradually work your way forward – until the result is satisfactory.
  • Trim beard: A short or three-day beard is best cut in the opposite direction of growth – the more thorough the result is in the end. With this type of beard, it is best to start on the chin, continue trimming the beard on the neck, then work on the jaw and finally the sideburns. Finally, it’s the turn of the upper lip. By the way, the face looks a bit stretched if you leave the beard longer on the chin than on the cheeks.
  • draw contours: Depending on the desired look, trimming the beard contours is not absolutely necessary for a three-day beard. However, if you want sharp contours, it is best to use a wet razor or a safety razor.
  • care skin: Beard trimming irritates the skin – especially with short beard hair. Moisturizing and soothing products such as are therefore recommended to avoid painful razor burn.

How often should you trim a three-day beard?

The name already suggests it: Approx every two to three days a short or three-day beard should be trimmed to maintain the desired look. As a rule, it is between 0.5 and five millimeters long – depending on taste.

You should avoid this when cutting a beard

If you decide, in one wet condition Trimming the beard is usually more difficult for electric razors. But there are also disadvantages with the beard scissors: The end result could be distorted, since the whiskers become heavier due to the moisture – and of course this means that they fall completely differently than when they are dry. So it is better to dry the beard beforehand. But: better not rub dry with a towel or blow dry too hot, but let it air dry. And: When cutting the contours, make sure that the razor is sharp enough to create nice, smooth lines.

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