Olive oil soap: origin and important tips for use

Olive oil soap: origin and important tips for use

Olive oil soap is considered an all-rounder for the body, hair or household. What is in the soap and what is important when using it? Tips about the versatile soap and its Syrian origin.

Syria is the birthplace of the art of making soap from vegetable oils. This includes olive oil soap. That is why the soap is also known as Aleppo soap. If you want to use the versatile soap, you should know what is important when using it, how much laurel oil is suitable for skin care and why it is even helpful in the household.

Castile Soap: That’s in it

is made on a purely plant-based basis – with olive oil from cold pressing. The skin-friendly soaps are suitable for cleaning and caring for hair, body and face. The recipe of the soap is almost always the same, no matter where it comes from. Only the proportion of laurel oil varies. The more of it the olive oil soap contains, the more moisturizing the product is. Moisturizing means that the substance can strengthen the skin’s natural protective acid mantle. This is to prevent skin irritation and dry skin. Laurel oil is made from the fruits of the laurel. They are evergreen shrubs with oblong, dark green leaves. However, the oil for the soap is not extracted from the leaves but from the fruit. These are black and are also used as a spice. The smell of the laurel oil is reminiscent of eucalyptus. Because olive oil does not create a suds when washing with the soap, bay oil is also added as a suds-boosting component. Olive oil is said to have a nourishing effect in skin care, which is supposed to make the skin feel supple. Laurel oil, on the other hand, is said to have antibacterial properties. Olive oil soap can be used for all body cleansing, including hair washing.

Origin of Aleppo soap

In northern Syria lies the historic city of Aleppo. This owes the your name. It is a traditional soap made from a mixture of olive and laurel oils. The soap has been said to be made for centuries and thus goes back to old soap recipes. It can be understood as the origin of olive oil soap. Although olive oil is now also used in other cosmetic products, the soap is particularly authentic when it is made from olive and laurel oil. Therefore, if you want to use traditional olive oil soap, you can look out for the term Aleppo soap.

Use olive oil soap in the household

You can use soapy water to do various household chores. To do this, dissolve grated olive oil soap in warm water and pour the mixture into a cleaning bucket. The soapy water can be used for surfaces and easy-care floors.

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