Cheated or healthy? Riding an e-bike really keeps you fit

Cheated or healthy?  Riding an e-bike really keeps you fit

Watch the video: cheated or healthy? Riding an e-bike really keeps you fit.

Exercise is important for health. This is one of the reasons why many people use bicycles as their preferred means of transport. Covering the distance, a small sports unit and at the same time protecting the environment, all in one. However, more and more people are now turning to e-bikes, also known as pedelecs. But the bikes with pedal assistance have to contend with prejudice. Many convinced cyclists consider the auxiliary motors to be cheating and question the health effects of riding an e-bike. But how different is the training effect of e-biking and cycling really? Researchers at Hannover Medical School are now addressing this question. For the study, the health data of almost 2,000 cyclists was compared over three years. About two thirds of them were on pedelecs. The surprising result: the muscles and cardiovascular system are challenged almost as intensively on the e-bike as on a bike without pedal assistance. The positive effect of the supported bikes lies in the fact that they make it much easier for many people to start or return to sporting activities. Around a third of the observed pedelec riders had previous illnesses. Overall, they were slightly older on average and had a higher body mass index. Thanks to the e-bikes, they were able to achieve, on average, two-thirds of the WHO physical activity goal of 150 minutes of moderate activity per week. The only damper: According to current statistics, accidents among pedelec riders are increasing. For more safety, it is advisable to first get to know the vehicle in a safe environment. In many places, the police and other institutions also offer special courses for safe e-bike riding.

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