Height-adjustable table: the premier class in the test

Height-adjustable table: the premier class in the test

Solid, robust, but at the same time elegant and timeless: With one model, the manufacturer FelixSpot is launching a table for all bosses in the world – and those who want to become one.

Height-adjustable desks have experienced a real boom since the corona pandemic opened up the possibilities of working from home for hundreds of thousands of people who commuted to the office every day. After all, the equipment and comfort of the study at home should also make everyday life easier.

Once reserved for company offices, height-adjustable tables have made their way into private homes in recent years. Finally, doctors recommend that you sit for no more than 30 minutes at a time. Working while standing is helpful, relieves the back and provides variety.

The range of height-adjustable work tables is now very diverse: small, large, simple or sophisticated. We tested the latest model from the manufacturer FlexiSpot: the E7Q. A quiet, fast and stable solution for the home workplace is promised – and a ten-year guarantee. But is the height-adjustable table really worth it? And does it keep what the manufacturer promises? After all, a steep price is demanded for this.

delivery and assembly

As soon as it is delivered, it becomes clear: this is a heavyweight. The delivery is divided into three packages. Two of them contain the mechanical frame and weigh more than 30 kilos each. The third package contains the table top, which can be ordered in three different sizes and eight finishes. In addition to a simple white or black design, variations such as mahogany or walnut are also available. The smallest available size is 140×80 centimeters.

The packaging is very high quality and professional. The individual components are housed in the boxes as in the Tetris game.

The base structure of the E7Q is made of solid carbon steel, which explains the heavy weight. A certain amount of strength is therefore required for assembly in order to be able to handle the heavy elements. The work is best done with two people. The supplied screwdriver is a welcome help. The right tool is therefore immediately at hand.

The table top rests on four columns and four beams. When assembling the table top, an obstacle is revealed: there are no pre-drilled holes for the attachments. FlexiSpot recommends a cordless drill to drive the screws into the wood. If you don’t have one, you need a lot of strength.

Details of the E7Q

Once the E7Q is standing, nothing knocks it over so easily. The table can withstand a load of 200 kilograms. Four motors bring the table to the required height. The range here is between 60.5 and 125.5 centimetres. The engines purr pleasantly quietly. A digital LED display shows the current altitude. Four height settings can be saved and restored at the touch of a button. The E7Q has an anti-collision function. Should something stand in the way on the way down, the motors will stop.

Since the E7Q works with a total of four motors, you have to connect a few cables that then need to be properly hidden. A large cable network as well as self-adhesive cable clamps and Velcro cable ties are included in the scope of delivery. However, everything else has to be purchased.


The construction of four columns and four beams made of carbon steel makes the table extremely stable and robust. Nevertheless, it does not appear bulky and convinces with its simple, timeless design. As the “crowning glory of the collection”, FlexiSpot touts the E7Q. And the piece deserves this title. The model undoubtedly belongs to the premier class of height-adjustable tables. No wobbling, no jerking. Thanks to the soft start-stop function, the coffee stays in the cup when you go up and down.

But all of this comes at a steep price. The table frame alone costs 899.99 euros. The table top must be purchased separately. The costs vary depending on the size and design. The cheapest variant in white costs just under 120 euros. In total, you have to pay at least 1,019.98 euros for the E7Q model.



If you don’t like it that massive, there are cheaper alternatives. For example, the Ergofino model from the manufacturer E.For.U. The brand from Reutlingen offers ergonomic and high-quality furniture. Like most height-adjustable tables, the Ergofino table rests on two legs. The powerful dual motor guarantees a maximum load capacity of 100 kilograms. The manufacturer offers a five-year warranty for the table frame and motor. This model is also equipped with a collision protection. With four programmable presets, you can save four desired heights.

The manufacturer also offers a very similar alternative at. The EQ model has an anti-collision system, a memory function and a child safety lock. The maximum load is 100 kilograms. The desk is also composed of two parts; the frame and the table top, which are supplied in two separate packages.

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