Psychologist on cheating: “You can develop a form of PTSD”

Psychologist on cheating: “You can develop a form of PTSD”

Watch the video: Psychologist on cheating – “You can develop some form of PTSD after your partner has had an affair.”

dr Kathy Nickerson, a psychologist from Orange County, California, reveals a lesser-known cause of post-traumatic stress disorder: infidelity.

“When you are in a committed relationship, your partner is the foundation upon which so many aspects of your life are built. Once you realize your partner has been cheating on you, the foundation crumbles and you may feel that everything in your life is uncertain and unstable.” – Kathy Nickerson

The 48-year-old speaks of a post-infidelity stress disorder, which can lead to symptoms similar to those of post-traumatic stress disorder.

“Everything feels wrong because the world as you knew it is falling apart.” – Kathy Nickerson

Although an informal term rather than an official diagnosis, post-infidelity stress disorder recognizes the trauma that a partner’s affair can induce.

Anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, unusual eating habits, and a persistent feeling of anxiety can result.

In addition, many people shy away from talking about infidelity because of feelings of guilt, shame, and fear of judgment. The accompanying feeling of isolation can make the situation even worse.

“There should be more awareness of post-infidelity stress disorder and more compassion for both the cheater and the cheated.” – Kathy Nickerson

Overcoming an affair and the associated stress disorder is also possible together as a couple, but requires a lot of effort, time, intensive discussions, transparency and security.

“The most valuable thing a partner can do after cheating is to talk to the injured partner about their feelings.” – Kathy Nickerson

The betrayed partner should be given a sense of security. There should be no further contact with the affair partner and the time spent and one’s own whereabouts should be dealt with very transparently.

Communication and reflection are/are particularly essential in such a situation.

“Ultimately, the scammer should think carefully about why they cheated so they can make different decisions in the future.” – Kathy Nickerson

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