Ergonomic furniture for the home office: the dream team put to the test

Ergonomic furniture for the home office: the dream team put to the test

With the Q8 model, the manufacturer FlexiSpot has once again succeeded in creating a small gem for the home office. Together with the ergonomic office chair from the same company, the height-adjustable table is a perfect duo that impresses with its design and functionality.

Elegant design, well thought-out details and consistent functionality – these are the properties that the manufacturer FlexiSpot relies on for its office furniture. The US company recognized the changes in the world of work early on and quickly pushed forward into a growing market with suitable innovations.

In particular, the manufacturer has proven itself with height-adjustable desks. The range includes both simple, very slim models and massive tables of the premier class. We tested the latest model for you: the Q8.

And because you have to sit down even with the most beautiful height-adjustable table, the right office chair is also included in the test.

delivery and assembly

The FlexiSpot table is delivered in two large packages. The first contains the mechanical frame, the second the table top. Both have a proud weight to show: individually 34 and 24 kilograms.

The frame is made from heavy gauge and can be purchased in white or black. The table top is only available in one variant: bamboo. The dimensions here are 140 centimeters in length and 70 centimeters in width.

The packaging is very high quality and professional. The individual components are housed in the boxes as in the Tetris game.

The base structure of the Q8 is made of solid carbon steel, which explains the heavy weight. The model weighs a total of 58 kilograms. A certain amount of strength is therefore required for assembly in order to be able to handle the heavy elements. But the table is assembled in no time. The highlight: The table top is already assembled, including the drawer.

So all you have to do is assemble the legs and the feet with the screws provided and voila: the new piece of jewelry is there.

Details of the Q8

And the table really is a jewel in any room: elegant, light and classy. However, it is very stable. The table can withstand a load of 100 kilograms. Two quiet motors bring the table to the required height. The range here is between 60 and 124 centimetres.

Four height settings can be saved and restored at the push of a button. The model has an anti-collision function. Should something stand in the way on the way down, the motors will stop.

The bamboo table top radiates warmth. The natural material shows a beautiful grain. Waterproof, moth-proof, insensitive to scratches: the material is particularly easy to care for and also environmentally friendly.

The highlights

One of the special highlights is definitely the wireless charging function. Simply place the smartphone, tablet or headphones on the tabletop – and they will be charged.

And if a cable is necessary, the table is equipped with a USB port of type A and type C. Both connections are located on the front of the control element.

Office chair BS13

With the BS13 office chair, FlexiSpot also provides the perfect companion for its desks. The model is worth a separate review and convinces in the test with its special design and ergonomic functionality.

The design was created at the well-respected Fuseproject Studios in the USA. It was inspired by the geometric elements of the space world. The embroidery fabric of the backrest and seat features a layered triangle pattern. The model has already won several design awards. We say: rightly so. Especially in the gray color variant, the chair blends inconspicuously into the home furnishing without screaming “office chair” at the top of its voice.

The breathable 3D fabric has been specially developed for the seats. The good air permeability ensures that you don’t sweat even after sitting for a long time.

The chair features a German BOCK cable control chassis, popularly used in German luxury cars. It is easy and safe to use. Proper lumbar support helps minimize discomfort from prolonged sitting.


The Q8 and the BS13 office chair are the perfect duo for anyone who values ​​design, quality and functionality at the same time. , the . Present: These are not bargains, but worth every penny. FlexiSpot also often offers good discount campaigns. So it’s worth looking in. The manufacturer also offers a ten-year guarantee on both products. An investment that will pay off.

Cheaper alternatives

However, if you don’t need a table for years to come, there are cheaper alternatives. The height adjustable desk offers a very similar simple design and costs just under 260 euros. The guarantee on the entire product is only valid for six months. However, the engine should be able to be replaced within three years, the frame within 5 years.

A very similar one is priced between the two models presented. An anti-collision system is also installed in this model. The maximum load is 68 kilograms. In addition, the table is mobile thanks to castors. Two small drawers above the table top provide storage space. The original price is around 290 euros.

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