Junglück Advent Calendar: Is the content convincing in 2023?

Junglück Advent Calendar: Is the content convincing in 2023?

It contains 26 surprises with high-quality care products for body and face. It is sustainable. It should be suitable for many. But is it worth buying the Junglück Advent calendar? The star tested the content.

Advent calendars are part of the run-up to Christmas in many households. With some models that are filled with luxury foods such as chocolate, gin, beer or whiskey, the joy is rather short-lived: a bite or a few sips and then you have to wait for the next door. With calendars that are filled with sex toys, the surprises usually last a little longer and you can still use them later. At the It’s the middle ground: the care products that are in the 24 small boxes last a few weeks and therefore provide pleasure for a little longer. But are they also suitable for many skin types? And worth the price of just under 150 euros? The star took a close look at the Advent calendar.

First of all, the facts: In 2023, the Advent calendar from Junglück will contain a total of 26 products (there are three in door 24) with a total value of 292 euros – and this means a price saving of 143 euros compared to buying them individually (or 158 euros on offer). Provider. By the way, Junglück stands for effective products that are known for their naturalness and only contain what is really needed. They are said to be particularly tolerable, vegan, sustainable and unisex. There are twelve full and special sizes to be found among the surprises, including two exclusive products. “Combine the products in the way that best suits your habits and the individual needs of your skin. Complete your routine or find a completely new one that suits you,” says Junglück’s website. This means: The products should be suitable for all skin types and skin care routines. In addition, a brochure with detailed product information awaits buyers in the attractive box. This means everyone can quickly see whether a product is suitable for their own use or is better suited as a gift.

Junglück Advent Calendar 2023: The content

And there is actually a lot to try out or give as a gift: different serums, creams, hand cream, gels, peelings, oils and facial toners can be found in the calendar. Both the packaging of the calendar and the packaging of the products are high quality and attractive. The coloring is neutral and looks elegant. The packaging and instructions are also made from recycled cardboard, and the products themselves are encased in glass. So the whole thing is actually sustainable. And: The box can later be used to store care or beauty products or even jewelry. Or you can use the Advent calendar next year to fill it yourself.

After the first test, the creams are very compatible with the skin – both face and body – and care for it directly. The full sizes of the hyaluronic eye gel and niacinamide serum were particularly impressive in the test. The gel usually costs 29 euros, the serum 39 euros. Both products feel great on the skin and make it glow. None of the products irritated my skin or were uncomfortable. On the contrary: I was so impressed by some of the products that I will definitely buy them again. And fittingly, the calendar also contains two vouchers that grant a discount on purchases in the shop. Especially in the colder seasons, it’s especially fun to pamper your body with good care.

The conclusion

For those who have already found Junglück products to be good or for those who have not yet found a care range for everyday life, this is the one definitely suitable and an absolute recommendation. It is suitable for all skin types and genders, including different ages and different skin needs. It’s great for discovering new, potential favorite products. It’s really fun to open the packages and try out the various products. They nourish the skin thoroughly, are not too fancy, can be given as a gift if necessary and the box can be used again. The price-performance ratio is also fair. Sustainable, diverse, high quality and practical: there’s really hardly anything to complain about.

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