Skin care in autumn: These tips and products make sense

Skin care in autumn: These tips and products make sense

In the cooler seasons, our skin has different demands than in summer. We explain what skin care in autumn can look like and what you should pay attention to.

When it gets colder outside, we don’t just have to adapt our wardrobe to the temperatures. The main care in autumn also looks different than in summer. Because when the temperatures drop, things change Fat-Moisture balance of our skin. The reason: It has to protect itself against cold and, above all, against drying out. Unlike in summer, sebum and sweat production decreases and the skin tends to become dry. In addition, there is wind or heating air, which are not good for the skin. You can combat this with different approaches.

Skin care in autumn: This is what your facial skin needs now

As mentioned above, one aspect of skin care in autumn is particularly important: moisture. In order to preserve them or reintroduce them to the skin in the form of creams etc., you should consider the following things:

  • cleaning: In order not to irritate the skin, which is usually a little more sensitive and tense in autumn, mild cleansing products are a good choice, such as a balm or . In addition, are useful to Gently remove dry skin cells. This routine makes the skin soft and ready to better absorb nourishing substances. This is particularly important in the evening so that your facial skin can regenerate. So take time in the evening to thoroughly cleanse your face. One can also do this help to gently massage the skin.
  • Care: Instead of light creams, richer care products are now the right choice, such as llipid-containing. One For example, it is suitable for many skin types because it provides the face with moisture and can prevent small wrinkles. Applying a suitable (night) cream is particularly useful in the evening. A serum that you can apply before the cream and face masks can round off your fall skin care routine. If you have particularly dry skin this time of year, you can also use a facial oil. This nourishes the facial skin particularly richly. And important: The sun protection factor should not be forgotten, even in the cold seasons.

The right body care in autumn

But not only the facial skin, other parts of the body also need to be adequately cared for. The following tips can help with pale or tight skin:

  • cleaning: When bathing and showering, you should pay attention to the water temperature. Water that is too hot can also dry out the skin. In addition, one can Dry brush be a useful addition to make the skin supple in autumn. Furthermore are useful to prepare the skin for the appropriate care in autumn.
  • Care: When it comes to personal care, autumn is particularly one makes sense to do that the To bring the fat-moisture balance back into harmony.

Also think about areas such as feet and joints and care for them adequately. Here we have fewer sebaceous glands. You can find tips against dry hands in our article. If your feet are dry, for example, you can also use one Create a remedy. And: The lips also suffer from cooler temperatures and heated air. Here you can read how you can combat dry lips.

More tips for fall skin care

  • In the fall, avoid using alcohol as an ingredient in your cosmetics because it attacks the skin’s hydrolipid layer.
  • Products with, for example, olive and argan oil, shea butter or linoleic acid make sense. These ingredients ensure that the skin remains moist, elastic and smooth. They are also well tolerated by many skin types.
  • Of course, it doesn’t just help the skin to provide it with the right care ingredients from the outside. The whole thing should also be done from the inside. Sufficient fluids, such as water, fruit or herbal teas, ensure that the skin becomes more radiant.
  • The diet should of course be balanced and contain enough vitamins and nutrients.
  • Walks in the mild autumn sun provide fresh air and exercise. And: for vitamin D. Because we also lack this when the days become shorter and we absorb less daylight.

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