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Chronic back pain, especially in the lumbar spine, is one of the most common widespread ailments in Germany. Whether muscle tension, blockage or herniated disc: With a back support belt you can relieve your spine and thus alleviate the pain.

Most people who suffer from back problems come from occupational groups that are associated with high physical stress: such as industry and craft, but also care professions. For this reason, men and women can be equally affected when it comes to work-related tension and pain in the lumbar vertebrae that are triggered by standing activities. Of course, there are also many affected people who struggle with back pain due to their daily office work – but for them there is one not an ideal addition, as it cannot really stabilize the spine while sitting. When and for whom the investment is really worthwhile is summarized as follows.

Back support belt: what is it actually?

As the name suggests, it is an orthopedic belt that is put on like a kind of corset to support the back. There is it with and without in different sizes, so that it can be worn equally by everyone (big or small, fat or thin). Depending on the manufacturer, there are also special models for or that are based specifically on the clothing sizes. But no matter which back support belt you choose, the function always remains the same: It supports and corrects a healthy posture by stabilizing your back muscles as your spine and thus also relieving them.

Who is a back support belt suitable for?

The orthopedic abdominal and back support belt is primarily used to counteract tension and discomfort in the lumbar region by relieving your back. For this reason, it is suitable for all people who suffer from chronic back pain, for example because they have to lift a lot, stand or bend down due to work. But it can also be used when you need to recover from a herniated disc. And that’s not all: The can be used in the following diseases in the back: lumbago or sciatica, the ISG syndrome, pain due to overload and / or vertebral fractures caused by osteoporosis, for example.

What are the advantages of a back support belt?

In summary, that a has several advantages to offer for people with back problems in the lumbar area:

  1. It offers a comfortable fit.
  2. It can be worn under clothing.
  3. It is available in different sizes.
  4. It can be individually adapted to every body.
  5. It protects your spine and stabilizes it.
  6. It relieves your back and relieves pain.
  7. It strengthens and supports your muscles.
  8. He supports your back after an operation.

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