Amorelie Advent Calendar on offer during Black Friday Week

Amorelie Advent Calendar on offer during Black Friday Week

It is said to be the ideal entry-level model and contains products worth 599 euros: The Amorelie x Loveboxxx Advent calendar promises fun for your love life and regularly costs 129.90 euros. It is currently on Black Friday offer for 89.90 euros. The star took a closer look at the content in 2023.

When you think of Advent calendars, you no longer just think of the classic versions with chocolate in them. The calendars are now also available with completely different content: beer, exit games, dog treats or even sex toys, for example. The latter models are intended to stimulate your love life and provide fun – whether alone or with a partner. He is certainly the pioneer . The classic is said to be an ideal entry-level model. The star took a closer look at the content in 2023: Is the price of just under 130 euros (currently in the Black Friday offer for 89.90 euros) worth it?

Amorelie x Loveboxxx Advent calendar: The contents 2023

First the hard facts: The Amorelie Advent calendar was relaunched this year and was created in collaboration with Loveboxxx. It regularly costs 129.90 euros and is said to contain 24 surprises with a total value of 599 euros. It should be particularly suitable for couples, but also for singles, and visually makes a good, high-quality impression. It has an attractive, elegant design and looks festive and modern thanks to the red, silver and pink colors. The toys for men are also in this color. The 24 erotic surprises are individually packed in small, numbered boxes.

Sex toys, games and more

When you open the first surprises, you notice: The 2023 content is varied and has something to offer from different areas. A total of eight are included with and without vibration, such as an anal plug or a massage stick. The toys that require a charging cable come with the necessary accessories – definitely a plus. The contents are packaged separately in plastic wrap and come with a small description. This is particularly practical for beginners and beginners when it comes to sex toys and ensures that you can try it out straight away if necessary. The extra film is actually not necessary, especially from a sustainability perspective, but is probably for hygienic reasons.

In addition to sex toys, there are also five surprises from the (soft) area, such as a small whip or hand and ankle cuffs to find. There are also three gadgets on the subject of wellness and massage, such as a massage gel or a massage tool. There are also four surprises from the inspiration section: one is a card game with “tasks” to stimulate your love life – which is a great thing, especially for couples who want to bring a little more zest into the bedroom with the calendar. Finally, the calendar includes four accessories on the theme of Body and Care. There is also a decorative bag for storage.

A notice: Anyone who is interested in the Amorelieadvent Calendar If you test it yourself but don’t want it to be prominently displayed on the package where you ordered, you don’t have to worry because it will be shipped discreetly. There is also a 100-day return policy.

The conclusion: Is the Amorelie Advent calendar worth it?

The Advent calendar from Amorelie definitely fulfills its purpose: it stimulates your love life and inspires you to reinvent yourself and get to know each other. Couples can use surprises like the whip or small toys like the anal plug or the nipple suckers to try out whether they like other roles or types of stimulation than the classic ones. The card games also encourage this. The fact that there is content to test from different areas is a clear plus point. The price-performance ratio is fair: the products actually far exceed the purchase price of just under 130 euros. The products feel super pleasant, especially the sex toy for men: the masturbator. The gels also appear to be of high quality and overall the calendar is an absolute upgrade to the 2022 model. It is stylish, grown-up, versatile and high quality. And: even vegan-friendly. Plus: There is currently one worth just under 50 euros if you buy the calendar and use the code “SWEETA10”.

And even if there wasn’t a whole lot of suitable stuff, the calendar at least allowed us to get busy again or to have fun with one or two accessories. However, surprises like card games or oils are definitely suitable for most people and are not as unusual as you might think before buying an erotic Advent calendar. A lot of it encourages testing – and who knows, maybe some of the content really encourages you to realign your love life in the long term.

It’s also great that the accessories are of very high quality and are nicely packaged and you don’t need anything else to try them out. In addition, men and women get their money’s worth: there are vibrators for women as well as an adjustable cock ring or gel for anal sex. This means that the Amorelie Advent calendar is not only for beginners, but also for those with a little more experience and curiosity when it comes to sex. For those who like to use the toys more often and value high quality: an absolute recommendation.

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