The diagnosis: What a small knuckle in the jaw can cause

The diagnosis: What a small knuckle in the jaw can cause

It started with pain when swallowing, then came ringing in the ears and dizziness – seven specialists and eight years passed. The woman didn’t give up – in the end there was an operation that brought healing.

Recorded by Astrid Viciano

The patient was initially abrupt when she came to my consultation. She had been trying to find out what illness she was suffering from for eight years now. She had already visited seven different specialists, but no one had been able to help her. During our conversation, the woman in her mid-fifties noticed that I was taking her seriously and told me her whole story: It all started with pain when swallowing. At first the family doctor assumed it was a normal throat infection. When the symptoms didn’t go away, the woman went to the dentist to check whether the pain might be radiating from her teeth into her neck. But the teeth were completely healthy.

Source: Stern

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