Vaccine damage lawsuit at the Rottweil regional court: judgment with a signal effect?

Vaccine damage lawsuit at the Rottweil regional court: judgment with a signal effect?

Yesterday, the Rottweil regional court rejected the application of a man who went blind in one eye a few days after a Covid-19 vaccination. He sued for recognition of suspected vaccination damage. A clear case? Not at all.

If patients have been harmed by medical measures, they often have little chance of claiming compensation in civil courts. Every medical law specialist will tell you that. And that’s what happened yesterday to an engineer in his late 50s who sued the Rottweil regional court for recognition of his suspected vaccination damage. He had it about three days after being vaccinated against Covid-19, according to his lawyer Joachim Caesar-Preller, suffered an infarction of a vein in the retina of his right eye and has been blind in that eye ever since. A photo from the summer shows him with an eye patch next to the lawyer. Now the question was: Could this vein occlusion have been caused by the vaccination? The verdict came out yesterday. Rejected!

Now you have to know a lot about vaccination side effects in order to understand the judge’s decision. First of all, it is conceivable that the engineer suffered a vein blockage in his eye purely by chance a few days after the vaccination. Such thromboses are not uncommon and usually occur in older people. The Paul Ehrlich Institute, which receives all reports of suspected cases of vaccination side effects, has so far not recognized any signs that retinal infarctions occur more frequently after vaccinations than would be expected.

However, that is not the complete view of things. Authorities are one thing, science is another. The studies are increasingly providing information about very rare possible side effects that the authorities simply do not have on their radar.

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