Sleeping naked is good for the body – even in winter

Sleeping naked is good for the body – even in winter

In winter we like to snuggle up in our pajamas under fluffy blankets; after all, you don’t want to freeze at night. However, this is not necessarily good for your sleep health. It’s better to sleep naked.

Whale songs in your ears, wool socks on your feet, a weighted blanket – what are the perfect bedroom conditions for a good night’s sleep? Is it total darkness, the banishment of all electronic devices, soundproof isolation? There are as many answers as there are human needs. The move away from pajamas and towards sleeping naked is one.

Sleeping naked is a point of contention, sure. Some people are downright disgusted by it, suspecting that escaping bodily fluids may turn the bed into a haven for bacteria. What’s true is that when you sleep naked, sweat isn’t “caught” by pajamas, but rather soaks directly into the sheets. That’s not a bad thing, but you should change them more often. People who sweat a lot at night in particular should ensure that their pajamas are changed regularly. This also applies to their pajamas. Experts recommend changing every second or third day.

Sleeping naked: good for your health?

Sleeping naked has not yet been thoroughly researched, but there is certainly scientific evidence that it can have positive effects on health. However, there are a few factors to consider. When we are tired, our body temperature drops. Even by around two degrees while sleeping. “This is part of ‘power saving mode’,” Ana Brito, sleep expert at the European Sleep Research Society, told The Telegraph. For a restful sleep, the body must be cool.

Sleeping naked makes it easier to regulate your temperature, says the expert. It is important that the ambient temperature is not too cold. A room temperature of plus/minus 18 degrees Celsius is considered optimal. If we sweat or freeze at night, for example because the blanket is too thick or the window is open, this can lead to restless, fragmented sleep. There is a risk that the dream phase of sleep (rapid eye movement) will be impaired. This is important so that the brain can recover from the day.

In the long run, restless sleep can put a strain on the body. “You notice a lack of sleep very, very quickly,” says sleep researcher Birgit Högl star. “After just one sleepless night, you can see that there are impairments in decision-making ability, working memory, language fluency and emotion regulation.”

Body temperature regulation works better naked

If it is too cold, we quickly feel it in our extremities. Because the body focuses on warming the vital organs first, the hands and feet have poorer blood flow. If your hands or feet are already cold when you go to bed, this can also prevent the body from lowering its overall body temperature any further. If it is too warm, the sleep hormone melatonin is released in smaller quantities, which can cause problems falling asleep and staying asleep.

Anyone who chooses pajamas should pay attention to the materials from which they are made. Synthetic fibers can cause the body to heat up more and produce more sweat than usual. Cotton fabrics are the best option.

Sleeping naked is good for your sex life

Sleeping naked can also have positive effects on your love life. It has been found that people who sleep skin-to-skin with their partner release oxytocin. The messenger substance is also known as the cuddle hormone and can have a calming effect and make you happier. The hormone can also help reduce anxiety and stress and strengthen the connection with your partner.

In a recent survey of 2,000 Americans, three-quarters of naked sleepers said sleeping naked had improved their sex life with their partner, and two-thirds reported a fulfilling sex life. Among pajama sleepers, less than half said their sex lives were fulfilling. Overall, those surveyed who slept naked were somewhat more satisfied with the quality of their sleep.

For women, sleeping naked could have another positive health effect. Yeast thrives particularly well in tight-fitting underwear or pajamas. Avoiding clothing reduces the risk of a vaginal yeast infection.

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