Face cream for dry skin: This is what your skin needs

Face cream for dry skin: This is what your skin needs

Is your facial skin dry, flaky and reacts to external influences with irritation? With the right care, you can moisturize your skin and strengthen its natural protective barrier.

Dry skin requires special care because the protective barrier made of fat and water is impaired by insufficient activity of the sebaceous glands. This makes it harder for the skin to retain moisture. Those affected often suffer from a feeling of tension and flaky areas of the skin. Proper care is therefore crucial and can bring relief. You can find out here which face creams are particularly suitable for dry skin.

Symptoms: How do you recognize dry skin?

The lack of moisture is particularly noticeable in thin and sensitive areas of the face, such as the lips, under the eyes, on the nose or on the cheeks. You can recognize dry skin as rough and flaky areas, which can be accompanied by feelings of tension and itching. In addition, the facial skin can be more susceptible to stress and can quickly become irritated or irritated by external influences such as temperature and environment, resulting in increased redness and flaky patches.

Which face cream is suitable for dry skin?

If you suffer from dry skin, it is important that you restore your skin’s moisture balance and reactivate its protective function. Rich face creams, oils and serums are best suited for this. Nevertheless, dry facial skin should not be over-treated because the skin’s own barrier function could then become unbalanced.

Restorative face cream

After cleansing, always care for your skin with a nourishing day or night cream. The cosmetics brand La Roche-Posay has various care lines, including a special series that is particularly well suited to the care of dry skin. It is suitable for sensitive and dry skin good. The cream contains the active ingredient PM-lipids, so that the production of the skin’s own lipids is stimulated and the protective barrier can be rebuilt layer by layer.

Soothing face cream

The Eau Thermale Avène with thermal water is intended to provide the skin with long-lasting moisture and soothe dry skin. The nourishing texture of the cream is intended to give your skin more suppleness and radiance all day long. According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for the daily treatment of dry to very dry facial skin.

Cream for impure and dry skin

The from La Roche-Posay is a soothing and balancing moisturizer that is especially suitable for impure skin. This is especially true for skin that is irritated and looks flaky due to drying acne treatment. The light texture of the face cream should not be greasy and leave no sticky feeling on the skin. Dry, red and flaky areas of skin should be visibly reduced and help you achieve healthy-looking skin in the long term.

Natural cosmetics for dry skin

The natural cosmetics from Dr. Hauschka is good for sensitive skin. If you are looking for rich facial care for your dry and vulnerable skin, this could be it be suitable for you. Skin prone to redness should be supplied with plenty of moisture and thus needed to be balanced. The face cream is not only suitable for dry and sensitive skin, but also for mature skin types.

Vegetable oils and hyaluronic acid

Natural cosmetics are said to have many positive properties because the products are free of chemical additives. Natural facial oils such as are also suitable for dry facial skin or . If oils are too rich for you, you can also go for one grab, which can provide the skin with intensive moisture.

Causes of dry skin on the face

There are different causes of dry skin on the face. Stress can negatively affect the skin’s natural protective barrier via hormones, as can inflammatory skin diseases such as neurodermatitis and psoriasis. If you suffer from chronically dry skin, it is always advisable to visit a dermatologist to clarify possible skin diseases and determine appropriate treatment.

If you are a smoker, nicotine can also be an influencing factor, as it is said to attack vessels and tissue, so that the facial skin has poorer blood supply and supporting fibers can lose their elasticity. Climatic conditions such as heat, cold or dry heating air are also possible causes because they cause the skin to release more moisture. The same applies to UV rays, as they increase the aging of the skin on the face. If you want to prevent dry skin, you should use one every day, whether in winter or summer Instruct. It can also make sense to check the cosmetic products you use every day, because if the products are too aggressive, they can further irritate sensitive skin.

Dry skin and makeup

Anyone who suffers from dry skin on their face knows that applying make-up can actually worsen the uneven complexion because foundation or powder settles unsightly in flaky areas. However, if you follow the correct order, you can easily apply make-up to your dry skin.

  1. First apply a rich day cream with UV protection as a primer and allow the care to absorb.
  2. Use one in liquid and creamy textures.
  3. As a finish you can use a apply, but you should use it sparingly.

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