Remove yellow tint: These remedies help

Remove yellow tint: These remedies help

Have you dyed your hair blonde and a yellow tinge remains that you would like to remove? We present tools that can reduce it.

When done correctly, coloring hair at home can save you money. But it can also lead to undesirable results, such as a yellow cast. We’ll tell you how you can remove it below.

How does yellow tint occur in hair?

Even uncolored hair can have a yellow tinge, especially if it is already graying. Stiftung Warentest explains that it often happens when the amount of white in the hair is already quite large. Aggressive oxygen molecules, so-called free radicals, which destroy certain amino acids in the hair, can be responsible for this. Strong sunlight, chlorine water, nicotine or even hair products with chamomile extract can promote the destruction of amino acids. If you want to avoid yellowing, you should take good care of your hair, protect it from sun and chlorine or dye it if necessary.

However, yellow tint mainly occurs as a side effect when coloring hair. If you use bleach or lightening as a base for the color, yellow tint may occur if you don’t leave the product on long enough and wash it out too soon. It is also possible that the chosen tone is not suitable for your own hair color because, for example, it is too dark for the desired result. Dark or red or coppery hair usually needs to go through several lightening sessions to become platinum or silver blonde. In addition, the unwanted color can occur if your already colored blonde fades because it has not been cared for properly or the hair has been styled too often without heat protection. You can use different methods to remove existing and unwanted yellow tint.

How can I remove yellow tint?

To remove the yellow cast, you should first look at the color wheel: The complementary color to yellow is purple, so this counteracts the undesirable color and neutralizes it. It’s exciting to know: blue helps against an orange cast, and green helps against a red cast. These colors are contained in many products to specifically neutralize color tones. In the case of yellow tint they are , rinses or treatments. But other resources can also help. We present three of them.

1. Silver shampoo

A helpful and popular way to remove unwanted yellow tint is silver shampoo. Some products are particularly intense and can leave your hair purple if left on for too long. It is important to always follow the instructions for use exactly. A popular brand for removing color casts from hair is Fanola. As well as as well as hair masks and other products from the brand are widely recommended and described as very effective. Other recommended brands that help remove yellow cast are or . In addition to silver shampoo, they also offer other products that help combat yellowness in the long term.

Important: Silver shampoos can dry out your hair quickly. It is therefore advisable to either use a nourishing conditioner after use, apply a care shampoo to your hair afterwards or use the products from a series, for example silver shampoo plus hair mask or similar, that is tailored to it. A nourishing oil that you can add to your hair as needed is also a good idea. And: You should use shampoo etc. regularly to achieve the best possible results.

2. Toner

If the blonde isn’t the way you wanted it, a toner can also correct the color. White, purple or yellow tints are suitable for removing a yellow cast . But ash tones can also help you achieve the desired color. However, tints do not last very long and are usually only temporary solutions to the undesirable hair tone. They cover up the yellow tint and reveal it again when the tint is washed out. In addition to classic toners, there are also foam toners, but they are not as intense.

3. Re-lightening

But it can also help to color your hair again, lighten it or bleach it blonde. Because now the hair is already lighter. To lighten the hair again, you should use gentle products so as not to damage the hair. For example, there are from Wella, Syoss, , or drugstore brands recommended agents that prevent yellowing and are intended to cause less damage to the hair when lightening. Find out about user experiences beforehand or ask friends with a similar hair type for recommendations on dyeing it yourself.

Tip: With one you can benefit from discounts on your purchase.

More tips for removing yellow tint

  • Good hair care helps to enhance the desired color.
  • Do not expose your hair to direct sun and take extra care of it after going to the swimming pool, for example.
  • When coloring your hair at home, you should be well informed about whether the hair color you purchased matches your hair tone.
  • If the yellow tint is particularly stubborn, in the end the only solution is to go to the hairdresser.

Be careful when using home remedies

Sometimes home remedies are also recommended for removing yellowness. However, you should be careful here, as they can also damage the hair and, like the products mentioned, were not developed for this purpose and packaging etc. therefore does not contain any information about such use. For example, baking soda, lemon juice or Aspirin Plus C are often recommended. According to online instructions, they are mixed with water into the shampoo or, in the case of lemon juice, used pure. But there is no solid evidence on either the tolerability or the effect of these home remedies. If you want to try some of this out, it is advisable not to use too much in order to test the effect and to take good care of your hair afterwards.


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