Drug ABC: Why crystal meth turns people into “zombies”.

Drug ABC: Why crystal meth turns people into “zombies”.

Watch the video: ABC of drugs – why crystal meth turns people into “zombies”.

Everyone has seen them: the impressive images of people who have been reduced to wrecks by consuming crystal meth. Of course, not all consumers feel this way. But one thing is certain: the drug, which has become massively widespread in Germany in recent years, poses immense risks. Psychological dependence is high because meth keeps you awake and initially gives you superhero feelings. And also because many consumers experience sex, for example, much more intensely.

But the supposed advantages wear out quickly – the thrill goes, the greed remains. And with it a nasty addiction. The destruction is diverse: paranoia and psychoses, delusions such as the obsession with being colonized by insects under the skin, wild aggressiveness, decay of memory, teeth, mucous membranes, destruction of the kidneys, emaciation. Heavy consumption, often by injection, is depleting, causes you to lose weight, and ruins rest and sleep. Although such an addiction can also be treated effectively, there is a lack of therapy places and specialists. And: Withdrawal is very painful for those affected because there are no substitutes.

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