Türkiye: Dentist drills screw into man’s brain – emergency operation

Türkiye: Dentist drills screw into man’s brain – emergency operation

During an implant treatment in Bursa, a dentist hit a patient’s brain with a screw. The patient had to undergo emergency surgery. He has now taken legal action against the doctor.

In the Turkish city of Bursa, a routine implant treatment in a dental clinic put a patient’s life in danger. When the treating dentist wanted to place a screw, it accidentally penetrated the jawbone and penetrated into the patient’s brain. The man was immediately taken to a hospital. The screw was removed again in a lengthy and risky emergency operation.

Patient suffers complications

The 40-year-old patient, a factory worker and father of two children, had originally visited the private dental clinic with dental problems. The attending physician recommended pulling the affected teeth and inserting implants. That made the 40-year-old suspicious, but: “The doctor told me that he had been treating patients for 24 years and was an expert in this field. So I trusted him and had him carry out the treatment,” the man explained to the Turkish newspaper Daily newspaper “Hürriyet”.

After the tooth was removed, the implant should be inserted. The patient reported to “Hürriyet” that a doctor’s assistant allegedly pointed out to the doctor that the surgical instrument he needed was defective. The doctor still wanted to carry out the treatment – ​​manually. “When he tried to insert the screw, I heard a cracking sound in the bone. But he told me it was normal,” said the affected person. After the pain did not subside and the patient even lost consciousness at times, his dentist took him to the hospital – where, according to the report, he left him alone.

Patient takes legal action: Dentist denies allegations

Doctors at Uludağ University Hospital found that the screw had penetrated into the area of ​​the brain and cerebrospinal fluid just behind the eye. Specialists removed them in a lengthy operation. They had previously informed those affected that the procedure was life-threatening. He said goodbye to his children. This time, however, everything went without complications.

After his recovery, the patient turned to the dentist and, among other things, demanded a refund of the treatment costs, which the dentist refused. The father of two then took legal action against his dentist. As he told “Hürriyet”, the doctor didn’t even inquire about his health after the botched procedure. He obviously doesn’t see any guilt in himself. According to the report, he explained that the incident was a “medical complication.”


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