Increase libido in women and men: Dania Schiftan has these tips

Increase libido in women and men: Dania Schiftan has these tips

Sex questions and myths abound. How did we plan to answer some of them and answer them in this series together with sexologist Dania Schiftan. This episode is about increasing libido.

It’s not just a phenomenon that occurs in couples who have been married for years; young singles can also experience a lack of desire for sex. This is completely independent of sexual orientation, age or gender. If you want to do something about it and get your love life back on track, you can take action, says sexologist Dania Schiftan. In our series on the topic of sex questions and sex myths, the expert answers them star this time the question is how men and women can increase their libido.

How can I increase my libido?

To explain: The term libido comes from psychoanalysis and, in short, describes the sexual drive, i.e. the desire for sex. With a strong libido, this is more pronounced than with a weak one. It’s not just when you get older or in a long-term relationship that your desire for sex can decrease. Younger people can also experience listlessness – sometimes unintentionally. Sexologist Dania Schiftan has dedicated a complete book to the topic of desire. “The Comeback of Your Lust” will be published in September 2024, in which she shows – above all – women how they can simply get more interested in sex (again). But one thing is important for Shiftan to mention: only if you want to. “Because nobody has to have desire. And nobody should have desire. It’s completely okay to live without sex, as long as that person feels good about it,” she explains to the star.

Dania Schiftan also finds a certain approach worth mentioning: “If the other person is missing something in the relationship, that’s basically not your problem. It would be a real shame if the only reason you wanted pleasure was so that the other person could has sex with you again and is happy.” The expert would like to give input so that you can be happy in your love life. “It doesn’t matter whether you have sex with yourself or with others. Because sex that is fun, that is exciting, that makes everyday stress go away, is a huge resource – for you. And sex that you enjoy gives you pleasure “The fact that your partnerships can benefit from this can be a nice side effect.” The key to this fun and new pleasure lies within you, in your own body, says the therapist.

She explains in more detail how you use this key. “Pleasure is an anticipation of what’s to come. The more interesting the sexual experiences are, the feeling of well-being, the sensuality, the more likely I am to make good memories and the more likely I’ll want to have them again.” But this often stands in stark contrast to what one lives in solo sexuality. “Many people here want to climax quickly and quickly – that’s it.” A lay-on vibrator or other aids are used to provide targeted and usually intensive stimulation. If you then take this into account in couple sexuality and process it like that, i.e. proceed in a completely goal-oriented manner, you develop less and less anticipation for it. One of the main goals is to find out how you can experience more in your sexuality.


“Women should know that they can and should say no at any time, but they should also learn how to use sex as a resource for themselves.” To do this, they should free themselves from things they hear from outside in order to find out what they like. This could be an erotic massage that you sign up for to find out what sensual physical contact is like and whether it can be arousing. If desire is lacking, a woman should be ready for new things, to test what touch she likes, what kind of sex she might like.

When choosing sex toys, you shouldn’t pay attention to the fact that a woman can reach climax quickly. It’s more about getting to know your own body better and feeling what excites me, what I would particularly like to do with a partner: sensual oral sex, exciting BDSM games or something else? To find out, it can help to use sex toys to learn your preferences and use your imagination to see if these practices might increase libido. such as a tongue vibrator can help because it doesn’t lead to orgasm too quickly, but stimulates differently. Shibari is also a popular method for feeling your body (again) and becoming particularly intimate with your partner and experimenting. But this should best happen in a course under supervision. It is important that sex toys do not replace physical contact. They should only be used in moderation as a supplement.


In her new book, Dania Schiftan has focused more on how women can increase their libido. But for men the principle is similar: in order to increase libido, men should freely try out what they like. Men can also let go of certain ideas, for example that they should take on the dominant role in a heterosexual relationship, or, or, or. “The pressure to perform and the concentration on the fact that the penis always has to stand like a one and for at least an hour – which, by the way, is completely utopian – are poison for enjoyable sexuality,” explains the sexologist.

Instead, a man should find out how he can increase the anticipation of sex: by taking his time in a relaxed manner, perhaps role-playing, a position that you have never done before and that makes you laugh, or even oral sex, for example with commitment from .

The possibilities are almost countless and everyone should test different things to get to grips with their own body and their own desire. This is the only way you can communicate in a relationship what you like and how you want to be touched. And that increases the quality of your love life and, ideally, your entire relationship. Above all, your own well-being increases.

In the end, what the expert tries to make clear in her new book applies: nothing has to, everything can. Everything that is good for you, that is not done against someone else’s will, that is not just done for someone else and that can increase your own libido. So that sex is fun (again), life is enriched and more joy arises.

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