Self-experimental therapeutic fasting – how does it work?

Self-experimental therapeutic fasting – how does it work?

Katja Lewina doesn’t have time to go to a fasting clinic. That’s why she’s doing her first fasting treatment at home between children and work. About liver wraps, food cravings – and a surprising reward.

A steamed zucchini, two carrots, some savoy cabbage crunch. When I see my last meal lying in front of me, I feel panic rising. Today and yesterday were just torture. In order not to send the body into hunger unprepared, you first drastically reduce your calorie intake during fasting. These are called “relief days”. Easily digestible foods such as fruit, vegetables and rice are allowed, while stimulants such as sugar, alcohol and caffeine are prohibited. Hungry, I wander around the apartment like an animal looking for its prey. Headaches drive me to despair, not even yoga helps. “Why are you even doing this if it’s so bad?” asks my twelve-year-old daughter. Yes, why exactly?

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