Dissociative Identity Disorder: Having a relationship like many

Dissociative Identity Disorder: Having a relationship like many

Many identities share one body. What sounds like science fiction is reality for some people, including the Bonnies. They suffer from “dissociative identity disorder”. Four of them told us their stories.

Who doesn’t know them, the inner voices that like to speak up, especially before important decisions – and represent completely opposing views. We all have different personality traits that don’t always pull together. But what if the whole thing isn’t just happening in our heads, but is so pronounced that we consist of several distinct personalities? Then we speak of a “dissociative personality disorder”. Identity disorder“. But what is it like to be many?

The Bonnies know this very well, they have a “dissociative identity disorder” and speak on Social-Media about how this shapes their lives. But the whole thing only becomes really tangible when you get to know a few of them, when you hear them speak and see that there are really different characters living in one person. Four of the Bonnies have taken us exclusively into their world of thoughts. In the next few days we will learn Tessa, Isa, Fiona and 46 get to know each other a little better. This time it’s 46’s turn.

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