ADHD: “These people make all of our lives more colourful”

ADHD: “These people make all of our lives more colourful”
ADHD: “These people make all of our lives more colourful”

ADHD is often associated with hyperactivity and chaos. However, the disorder does not only have negative aspects, says psychiatrist Andreas Jähne.

This interview comes from the stern archive and first appeared in February 2023.

ADHD is a term that almost everyone knows these days, but only very few people really know what it is all about. How can you imagine the whole thing?
There are two subtypes of the disorder: ADD and ADHD. This means that the well-known hyperactivity is not present in some patients. ADD patients then tend to suffer from impulsivity or constant attention. These are often people who are very imaginative. This is not as noticeable from the outside as the active boy who is always doing silly things.

You’re talking about boys…
I deliberately say boy because the dreamy subtype is more common in girls. Girls with ADD are often clever and can therefore compensate for some deficits. They usually do well at school. Sometimes they are even under-challenged because of their quick comprehension. But because they cause few problems, they do not get the support that, for example, the hyperactive boy who immediately stands out gets.

These are the Womenwho are only diagnosed as adults?
Exactly. Those affected often only notice later in life that their biography is somehow fragile, for example that they have repeatedly changed partners or jobs.

How does ADHD specifically affect the lives of those affected?

Source: Stern

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