Hot nights in summer: These 5 cooling pads provide cooling

Hot nights in summer: These 5 cooling pads provide cooling
Hot nights in summer: These 5 cooling pads provide cooling

There is no doubt that a regular sleep rhythm is good for your health. However, on warm nights, it is more than difficult to get a good night’s sleep when you are lying in your own sweat. There are steps you can take to improve your sleeping comfort – such as changing your pillow.

If a pillow tends to retain heat, what is known as heat build-up can occur on warm days, i.e. moisture is not wicked away, causing you to sweat more around your head and neck. This is not only uncomfortable, but also reduces sleep at night – and thus also your performance during the day. To keep a cool head in the truest sense of the word, you should take a closer look at your pillow. Both the material and the air circulation are crucial. For this reason, special cooling pillows are a pleasant alternative to the classic pillow in summer. They usually have special gel inserts that wick heat and moisture away from the body and air channels for better circulation. Below we present five different models.

This is how cooling pads differ: 5 models compared

1. Okaei GelCell with cooling gel cover

Made from pressure-sensitive memory foam, this cooling pad from has a heat-dissipating gel. On warm days, it can promote healthy sleep by reducing sweating on your head. On cold days, you can simply turn the pillow over and use the soft, cuddly side to sleep on. The dimensions are 60 x 40 x 15 cm.

2. Cooling pad with ClimaCool cover

The viscoelastic foam pillow from won the Ergonomics Innovation Award in 2021. It has a special ClimaCool cover (washable at 40 degrees), which is designed to ensure optimal cooling while sleeping on hot days. In addition, the lying height can be changed using a removable insert. The dimensions are: 56 x 36 x 11.5 cm.

3. Neck support pillow with cooling effect

In contrast to the other models, this for side, stomach and back sleepers, standard dimensions (40 x 80 cm). It contains 400 grams of new PES fiber balls, which – according to the manufacturer – provide the right cuddly feeling. The pillow, which can be washed at 60 degrees, gets its cooling effect from its polyamide fibers.

4. Clubbsporre with thermoelastic gel foam

Ikea is also introducing a (74 x 35 cm) for side and back sleepers. It also consists of cushioning memory foam on one side and a thermo-elastic gel foam on the other side: This is intended to increase sleeping comfort as a cool surface on warm days. The cover is breathable, moisture-balancing and washable.

5. Cooling pillow insert

The last of this series is not a real pillow, but a cooling (56 cm x 32 cm) for your normal sleeping pillow. The corresponding cover contains cotton and is washable. According to the manufacturer, the insert can also be cooled down in the refrigerator, but this is not a must – the cooling effect is provided either way by the gel it contains.

And one more tip at the end: There are also in different sizes that you can pull over your regular pillows.

Buying a cooling pad: These criteria are crucial

If you are interested in a cooling pad, you should pay attention to the following criteria when purchasing:

Breathable materials: Whether cotton, bamboo or Tencel – natural fibers provide the necessary comfort, good air circulation and rapid heat conduction. Moisture should also be able to evaporate better, thus achieving a cooling effect. The thread density can be used to determine how breathable a pillow is. The value should be below 400.

Washable pillowcase: Despite the integrated cooling layer, it will not be possible to completely avoid sweating while you sleep at night. For this reason, when buying a cooling pad, you should make sure that the cover can be removed separately (e.g. via a zipper) and washed in the washing machine.

Ergonomic shape: As you can see from our series of cooling pillows, there are many different sizes. Depending on whether you are a back, side or stomach sleeper, you should pay attention to the (ergonomic) shape of the pillow when buying it – depending on the manufacturer, some models are designed for different sleeping types or specifically for neck problems.

More information can be found here.

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