Charging stations: a long way to full supply

Charging stations: a long way to full supply

Fast charging pioneer Smatrics, in which the association is involved, listed 13 points in order to be able to achieve the targeted full supply. It would be a hindrance if the EU stipulates that credit cards must be accepted at fast charging stations. The Austrian way – paying via app – is exemplary. A credit card payment function at the charging station would only make the electricity tariff more expensive and thus unattractive. In addition, a uniform billing standard is essential – according to kilowatt hours and not according to time. Furthermore, the “right to plug” now allows apartment owners to set up a charging station (up to 5.5 kW) without the consent of the other owners. The installation of fast charging stations, for example, on areas owned by the apartment owner is not regulated. Here, too, the regulatory hurdles would have to be removed – for apartment owners as well as for tenants.

Tax breaks should be created for employees who charge their company car at home.

In order not to overload the network with fast chargers, the charging infrastructure would have to be standardized. Topics ranging from grid inquiries to meter installation are currently not regulated uniformly throughout Austria. Furthermore, attractive areas for public charging stations would have to be made accessible.

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