Play home strength

Play home strength

So far things haven’t been going according to plan for SK Verwarts Steyr away from home this season. The 0:4 defeat against Vienna on the Hohe Warte was another blow to the neck for the red and white team.

It is all the more important to get the necessary points in the home arena on Volksstrasse and to concentrate fully on the last home game. The Red and Whites have done quite well so far. At the end of the first half of the season, another three points should go to the forward account against Sturm Graz II. But that can only be something if the Madlener-Elf corrects individual mistakes like they did away against Vienna.

“We mustn’t get cheap goals again and we have to approach the goal with more effort and more conviction,” said coach Daniel Madlener before the match and set the direction. Opportunities must be created with commitment and speed and the Grazers must be put under pressure.

Kick-off is today, Saturday, at 2.30 p.m. in the Forwards Stadium. Tickets for the match can also be purchased online. This saves queuing in front of the cash desk and also one euro. tickets.vorwaerts-steyr.at

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