Hössbahn is on schedule

Hössbahn is on schedule

The new modern ten-person gondola lift with the new location of the valley station directly at the large parking lot in Hinterstoder is scheduled to go into operation at Christmas.

The operators are investing a total of 22 million euros in improved transport logistics on the Höss.

The new gondola lift is intended to upgrade the Hinterstoder location and offer guests even more comfort, safety and shorter waiting times. The new facility is a gondola lift that can carry 3,200 guests per hour with 89 ten-person gondolas when fully loaded.

What is new is that the ski holes are inside the cabins, which means a significant time advantage when boarding. With a route length of 2600 meters, a difference in altitude of 810 meters is overcome. In coordination with the authorities, a compensation area for the railway project will be reforested. According to Hinterstoder cable cars, the conversion of the cable car is still right on schedule.

Source: Nachrichten

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