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An attack against a prison in Mexico left 14 dead and 24 escaped prisoners

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“The death of 14 people has been documented, including 10 prison security and custody officers and four people deprived of their liberty; in addition, 13 injured and at least 24 escapees,” the Chihuahua state prosecutor’s office reported in a statement.

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The attack occurred at dawn, when Armed men arrived at the prison aboard armored vehicles and opened fire on the guards at a time when some relatives were waiting to enter the premises for the New Year’s visit.

According to the first investigations, the armed assault was intended to facilitate the escape of a group of prisoners.

After the assault, state police with the help of the military made four arrests, added the prosecutor’s office without specifying whether they are escaped inmates or attackers.

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At least 24 prisoners escaped after the attack that killed 14 people in the Ciudad Juárez prison.


Local media reports indicate that some inmates rioted inside the prison, setting fire to various objects and clashing with prison guards.

According to these versions, outside the prison the shooting unleashed scenes of panic among the residents while the mayor’s office asked not to approach the area.

The prosecutor’s office reported that the security forces managed to control the situation in the prison some five hours after the attack broke out.

Members of the armed forces of the Sinaloa and Juárez cartels, who have been fighting for control of the area for more than fifteen years, are being held in the prison in this border town, crucial for drug trafficking to the United States.

This state prison has been the scene of various fights and riots, including one that left 20 dead in March 2009, one of the bloodiest.

In August 2022, a clash between rival gangs left three prisoners dead.

In February 2016, as part of his visit to Mexico, Pope Francis officiated mass in the courtyard of this prison in front of 700 prisoners and their families. He called on them not to lose hope and to help stop the violence.

According to a report from the State Human Rights Commission last February, More than 3,700 people are held in this prison when its capacity is 3,135.

This prison depends on the government of Chihuahua. The federal prison, where drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán was held before he was extradited to the United States in 2017, was closed two years ago due to poor performance.

Detention centers in Mexico, mainly state ones, suffer from chronic problems of overcrowding and violence, which have worsened in recent years due to conflicts between criminal groups.

According to official figures, Mexico has registered more than 340,000 homicides, the majority attributed to criminal organizations, since the launch of a controversial military anti-drug offensive in December 2006.

Source: Ambito

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