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A deputy presented the first request for the extradition of Jair Bolsonaro to Brazil

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In the text, Hilton first refers to the acts of violence that took place in Brasilia on December 12, when, after Lula received the diploma of president-elect, thousands of Bolsonaro militants set fire to cars and buses, seeking to suspend the assumption of the labor leader.

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Subsequently, the legislator includes the events of last Sunday and says: “I come to request this Ministry to adopt the corresponding measures to present the request for the extradition of Jair Mesias Bolsonaro.”

Pressure on Bolsonaro

Bolsonaro traveled to the US prior to the arrival of his winner, Lula Da Silva, as president. In this way, he avoided handing over command and protected himself from possible legal cases that have him as a defendant.

Nevertheless, The unprecedented acts of violence that occurred in Brasilia and the consequent repudiations put the former Liberal president in the eye of the storm. Even from within the US Democratic Party itself, requests for Bolsonaro’s expulsion from the country began to arrive.

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The first to claim it was the consecrista Alexandria Ocasio Cortezwho stressed that “The United States must stop granting refuge to Bolsonaro in Florida”via Twitter, this Sunday. Along these lines, from Joe Biden’s own trench they began to distance themselves and make him feel the severity of the discomfort of hosting the former president of Brazil.

Bolsonaro should not be in Florida”said, for his part, the Democratic congressman Joaquin Castro to CNN. “The United States should not be a refuge for this authoritarian who has inspired domestic terrorism in Brazil. He should be sent back to Brazil”, he added.

Now time is running against everyone: Biden wants to get Bolsonaro’s “hot potato” out and stop running with the questions. At the same time, the former president of Brazil may be affected by administrative issues, which would take him before the justice of his country to give explanations and be tried.

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