tornadoes cause 7 deaths and warn that the season has just begun

tornadoes cause 7 deaths and warn that the season has just begun

Disasters generated by tornadoes

In it Autauga Countyin the center of Alabamathere are already six people who died as a result of this natural phenomenon, as indicated to the AFP news agency on Deputy Director of Emergency Services, Gary Weaver.

In that framework, the Alabama Governor Kay Iveydeclared the state of emergency that and five other counties. In addition, the official pointed out on her Twitter account that various parts of the state were shaken by this dangerous phenomenon meteorological.

But Autaga isn’t the only county affected. The selma cityin it dallas countya key place in the civil rights movement of the 1960s, is also in a state of emergency after suffering “major damage”, according to the mayor’s office. Too They asked the inhabitants to avoid moving and try to stay away from downed power lines.

The phenomenon continued its course to the east to sweep the neighboring state of Georgiawhere a six year old girl died because of the fall from a tree. “All our family is heartbroken for this tragedy,” tweeted the State Governor Brian Kemp.

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