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Cold and snow: winter is making a comeback

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The forecast in detail:

At the Monday mostly dense clouds dominate from East Tyrol to Burgenland as well as in the eastern lowlands, apart from a few loosenings. In addition, it is still raining or snowing locally in the morning, but mostly in south-eastern Styria. The snow line is between 300 and 800 meters above sea level from south to north. Further west and north, however, there will be a mix of sunshine and dense clouds. The sun often shows itself during the morning hours. The wind will blow moderately, in the mountains also brisk to strong and foehn from southeast to south. The early temperatures reach minus four to plus four degrees, the maximum daily temperatures one to ten degrees.

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The weather is shaped by the influence of low air pressure Tuesday impermanent. While the sun is still shining at times in the north and west in mostly dry weather in the morning, dense clouds are often dominating further south and east. Initially, rain or sleet can also be expected in Carinthia, in Styria and locally in Burgenland. In the afternoon, the clouds finally spread to all parts of the country and until the evening widespread precipitation set in from East Tyrol via Styria to the eastern lowlands. The snow line is between 400 and 800 meters above sea level. The wind comes from the south-east to the south-west and blows weakly to moderately, also briskly in the foehn zones in the north. The temperatures in the morning range from minus six to plus three degrees, the maximum daily temperatures from zero to nine degrees, it is warmest in the east.

the Wednesday mostly starts with dense clouds as well as rain, sleet and snowfall. The snow line lies between low altitudes and 600 meters above sea level. However, the weather improves as the day progresses. The precipitation subsides and in the afternoon there are often only a few showers in the mountains. In the eastern half, the cloud cover will loosen up a bit and the sun will come out at times. Moderate to brisk westerly winds will pick up, only in the south will there be little wind. Early temperatures minus four to plus three degrees, maximum daily temperatures zero to seven degrees, with the highest values ​​in the south-east of Austria.

Thursday: Cold and moist air masses determine the weather. With these, the clouds often predominate and there are some snow showers on the north side of the Alps and in the north. There may also be snowfall in the southeast and east in the morning, but the exact location of the Mediterranean low is still very uncertain. The wind blows weakly, in the east also moderately from west to north-west. Early temperatures reach minus eight to plus one degree, the maximum daily temperatures minus three to plus three degrees.

At the Friday the sun shines at times, but during the day the cloud fields tend to become denser. Towards the evening, both snow showers on the north side of the Alps and snowfall with the next Mediterranean low from the south-east become more likely. The wind blows moderately to briskly from west to north-west, especially in the east. Early temperatures at minus eight to minus one degree, maximum daily temperatures minus two to plus two degrees.

  • Current values ​​and forecasts for Upper Austria can be found at nachrichten.at/wetter.



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Source: Nachrichten

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