These active ingredients really help with dry skin

These active ingredients really help with dry skin

“The low humidity, which is caused by the heating air, among other things, is to blame,” says Peter Maier, head of the pharmacy in Weißkirchen.

Poor diet, too much alcohol and too frequent showering or bathing could also damage the skin, says the expert. His advice: drink enough water, add vitamin C in the form of citrus fruits to your diet and use moisturizing washing lotions for body care. “The surfactants in conventional products attack the fat layer of the skin,” says Peter Maier.

Applying lotion after showering – preferably with high-quality oils – can also help here. When it comes to creams, he advises making sure that they contain urea – at least two to four percent. “The so-called urea is responsible for keeping moisture in the skin. That keeps it supple.”

Otherwise, Maier advises sports and exercise outdoors: “This way the skin can breathe and it gets good blood circulation.” As protection against the cold, he recommends a light fat cream that is not absorbed so quickly. “It should act as a barrier between the cold air and the skin and thus protect it from drying out.”

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