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The love of cruelty and the luxury of the dark “Diabolik”

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A firearms expert, he knew how to shoot since he was 14 years old and committed his first homicide at the age of 18.

Nicknamed “Diabolik”, after the name of a criminal protagonist of a famous Italian comic strip, he was now the undisputed leader of the feared Sicilian mafia Cosa Nostra, specialized in the million-dollar drug trade, but with tentacles also in the real estate sector, the wind energy and online betting.

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Born on April 26, 1962 in Castelvetrano, in southwestern Sicily, he had been part of the organization since childhood thanks to his father, Don Ciccio, leader of the local clan.

Leader of the new generation that took over from the old godfathers, the “Prince of Trapani”, as he was often called, had a true passion for luxury cars, women and gold watches.

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A lover of electronic games, his followers revered him as a god despite his ruthless style demonstrated in the 1990s, when he ordered the killing of anti-mafia judges Falcone and Borsellino and ordered a series of attacks in Rome, Milan and Florence.

His first problems with the law began in 1989, when he was accused of mafia association for his participation in the bloody fight between two rival clans.


That year he was accused of having ordered the murder of Nicola Consales, a hotelier who regretted that his employees maintained connections with the mafia, including none other than the lover of “Diabolik”.

As leader of the so-called Castelvetrano clan, he signed an alliance with the famous Corleonesi clan, immortalized in the film “The Godfather”, and became one of the heirs of the feared “capo of all capos” Toto Riina, “The Beast”. , captured in 1993 and died in 2017.

In July 1992, he participated in the murder of Mincenzo Milazzo, head of the Alcamo clan, and strangled his partner, who was three months pregnant, fueling his reputation for cruelty.

After the arrest of Toto Riina, Messina Denaro led the strategy of terror, supported the organization of the attacks in Florence, Milan and Rome, outside of Sicily, which left a total of ten dead and a hundred injured.

In the middle of 1993 he chose to disappear, he became the invisible leader of a millionaire criminal organization and his appearance was unknown to most Italians.

Accused of mafia association, homicide, possession of explosives, theft and other crimes, he has received convictions for mafia, attacks and fifty homicides.

Between 1994 and 1996, the testimonies of various repentants shed light on
his role within the Cosa Nostra.

In 2000, after the maxi-trial against the mafia called “Omega” and held in Trapani, he was sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment.

Source: Ambito

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