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Oldest runes found in Norway

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The Museum of Cultural History in Oslo announced yesterday that it is almost 2000 years old and therefore several hundred years older than previously known rune stones. The block of brown sandstone was discovered in a burial ground uncovered near Lake Tyrifjord, northwest of Oslo, in autumn 2021.

Remains of bone and wood, found in a tomb next to the stone and dated by radiocarbon analysis, suggest the runes were carved into the stone between AD 1 and 250, the museum says.

“Dream for Runologists”

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The discovery is “a runologist’s dream,” according to the museum. Rune stones are inscribed stones that were usually placed on graves – especially during the Viking Age. The inscription “Idiberug” can be read on the stone of Tyrifjord, which was probably intended to pay tribute to the deceased buried in the tomb.

Unique discovery

So far, stones found in Norway and Sweden from the years 300 to 400 AD were thought to be the oldest rune stones, according to expert Kristel Zilmer. The find on the Tyrifjord is therefore a “unique discovery”. The stone can be seen from January 21 to February 26 at the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo.

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Inscription “Idiberug

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Source: Nachrichten

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