New chairman at the Ried Farmers’ Association

New chairman at the Ried Farmers’ Association

43-year-old Christoph Schneiderbauer has three sons aged 17, 12 and 10 with his wife Anita. Schneiderbauer graduated from the HBLA Ursprung (Salzburg) and went through the University for Agricultural and Environmental Education in Ober St. Veit (Vienna).

He then devoted himself to consulting and adult education and supported projects such as the Antiesen future of water bodies or business calculations in agriculture. In 2008 he took over his parents’ farm, which he and his wife have been running full-time since 2013.

Christoph Schneiderbauer has been a municipal councilor since 2003 and Deputy Mayor of Pattigham since November 2021. “Today’s challenges are tomorrow’s opportunities. With the problems in the supply chains, the population’s awareness of the need for its own energy and food supply has risen from scratch,” says the new District Chairman of the Farmers’ Union. Predecessor Josef Diermayer was honored for his services.


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