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Lula separated 13 other soldiers after the attempted coup in Brasilia

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Lula dismissed 13 uniformed, one day after another 40 soldiers were separated of his duties at the presidential residence, the Palacio de la Alvorada.

The personnel separated this Wednesday were part of the Institutional Security Cabinet, responsible for assisting the president in national security and defense policy tasks, as published in the Official Gazette of the Union.

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The changes occur a week after the 77-year-old president expressed his distrust of some uniformed officers who perform auxiliary functions at government headquarters.

Lula shared his reservations about some of them after the invasion of the headquarters of the three public powers in Brasilia at the hands of thousands of supporters of Bolsonaro, whom he defeated in a second ballot at the end of last October.

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The dignitary then said that he was convinced that there was internal complicity in the invasion of January 8, which occurred exactly the day he was a week after returning to power for the third time.


Lula blamed Bolsonaro for the attempted coup

The president of Brazil once again pointed out the far-right ex-president Jair Bolsonaro as responsible for the excesses happened in Brasilia.

“I don’t know if the former president ordered (to commit the attacks), what I know is that he is to blame because he spent four years inciting the people to have hatred,” Lula said at a ceremony with unionists at the Planalto Palace.

On the day of the militant riot, the ex-worker and metallurgical unionist assured that Bolsonaro, whom he did not mention directly, “provoked” and “stimulated” the attacks through “speeches” while he was in charge of Brazil (2019-22).

In the United States since days before the end of his term, Bolsonaro denies any connection to the violent acts in Brasilia, but is being investigated by the Brazilian authorities on suspicion of having instigated them.


The moment when the Bolsonaristas break into the headquarters of the Brazilian Congress.


Investigations into attempted coup continue

The reform in Lula’s closest entourage takes place at a time when investigations are advancing to determine who participated, organized and financed the violent invasion of the buildings of the Presidency (Palacio de Planalto), Congress and the Supreme Court.

More than 2,000 people have been detained since then, of whom 1,382 are still in the hands of the authorities.

The General Prosecutor’s Office presented on Monday before the Supreme Court (STF) -the highest court- its first charges against 39 people suspected of participating in the excesses.

Augusto Aras, head of the office, promised in an interview with a local television station that he will present another 200 new accusations in the next two weeks.

This Wednesday, Bolsonaro’s former Minister of Justice and also Secretary of Security of the Federal District at the time of the coup, Anderson Torres, remained silent when he attended his first hearing before the Federal Police since turned himself in to authorities on Saturdayreported the news portal G1.

Torres, separated from the position in the capital after the attacks, is detained on suspicion of complicity with the violence, an accusation that he denies.

On January 8th, thousands of Bolsonaro supporters invaded the heart of Brazil’s public power, in an attempt to promote the fall of Lula.

Backed in unison by the international community, the president denounced last Thursday “collusion” of sectors of the Armed Forces with the radical Bolsonaristas and even said that “someone facilitated” their entry to the Planalto Palace.

Since then, the leftist leader, who made a spectacular political comeback after years overshadowed by a gigantic corruption scandal that even led him to prison, began a review of the Executive’s staff.

For the positions from now on, it will privilege “career officials, preferably civilians.”

“Someone suspected of being a radical Bolsonaro cannot remain in here,” he commented. “How can I have a person outside my office who can shoot me?”

Source: Ambito

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