Time magazine took the Facebook blackout to its cover but with a controversial question

The post, in turn, carried the message “Facebook won’t fix itself,” which is the title of a note from Roger McNamee, one of the first investors in that platform and the company’s biggest critic.

On several occasions, McNamee assured that Zuckerberg’s social network has a business design that threatens the health of users, democracy and society.

In a passage of the article, the investor assures that “Facebook likes to transfer responsibility to others, including users, but users cannot be blamed for the damages caused by the platform, nor should they be expected to solve this.”

“Countless families, small businesses, patients and artists depend on Facebook. The good parts of Facebook do not require surveillance capitalism, but without it, Facebook the company would be much less profitable,” he explains.


The recent cover of Time represents, in turn, a resounding change in the vision that the publisher has about the businessman, since by the end of the year 2010 it considered Zuckerberg as “The man of the year.”

On that occasion, the media described the creator of the social network as the person who “is at the center of these changes“worldwide and that its platform” enables individuals to voluntarily share their information with the idea of ​​strengthening them. “


TIME magazine closed the year 2010 with Mark Zuckerberg as the man of the year

Time Magazine

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