Apartment fire: Mother is reported

Apartment fire: Mother is reported

The shock is still deep – with the neighbors and especially with Magdalena H. and Felix H. from the Ansfelden police station. The two officers, together with a neighbor, were able to rescue three girls aged one, four and five from a completely smoke-filled apartment late Thursday evening.

According to the police, the two rescuers were already on the mend yesterday. In the hospital, they were diagnosed with mild smoke inhalation after running several times into the smoke-filled apartment to save the children.

Consequences for mother

It is still unclear how it was possible that her mother – a 25-year-old Romanian – left the three small children alone in the apartment in the afternoon.

According to her own statements, the young woman only wanted to “go shopping” for a short time and locked her three children in the apartment, where she had previously prepared dinner in the kitchen and switched on the stove. The father came home later from work. Due to the negligent bodily harm, the 25-year-old mother is reported to the public prosecutor.

In addition, the child and youth welfare of the state of Upper Austria will be informed about the case, the police said yesterday. This is also a violation of the duty of care.


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