Woman drowned in Bach: “A crash barrier could help”

Woman drowned in Bach: “A crash barrier could help”

A 54-year-old woman from the Innviertel region drowned at the weekend. As reported, the passenger was locked in the car that had slipped into the Kühbach. While her husband (60) was able to free himself at the last second, any help came too late for her. This stretch of road on Rosengasse has already been fatal to several drivers. Last winter, two cars went off the road at the same spot, skidded towards the creek, but fortunately came to a stop on the embankment.

“It’s tragic what happened here, the bank area isn’t that high, but the road section towards the water is unsecured. A crash barrier or other protective device could help,” says fire brigade section commander Josef Maderegger. Rosengasse is narrow, there is hardly room for two cars next to each other. Nevertheless, it is heavily frequented. For those familiar with the area, it’s a shortcut, a bypass of the town square if you will. Years ago, on the advice of the municipality, a 30 km/h limit was imposed. The Kühbach runs parallel to the road, the green strip in between is privately owned. The municipality is trying to install more safety devices here.

The couple from Feldkirchen near Mattighofen (60 and 54) slipped on a bridge on Sunday night in wintry road conditions and slid straight into the Kühbach in a slight right-hand bend. Unfortunately, the Porsche Cayenne overturned and landed on its roof. The driver was able to free himself, his wife remained trapped. First responders and the police were unable to break a window or open the door of the car, which was mired in the mud.



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