F1 Ferrari: The engine will be “a bomb”

F1 Ferrari: The engine will be “a bomb”
Team boss Frederic Vasseur
Image: Photo: AFP/Scuderia Ferrari

It was speculated that the improved reliability of the power unit would give the Scuderia a whopping 30 horsepower more than in the 2022 season, when they ultimately had no chance in the World Cup against Red Bull and Max Verstappen. Binotto’s current successor Frederic Vasseur is now slowing down: “I don’t know where these numbers come from, but that’s just a joke,” says Binotto, who emphasizes: “We’ve taken a step, but it’s all about reliability .”

Ferrari wants to turn many screws. Ferrari operations manager Diego Ioverno recently calculated that up to the start of the season, 60 mechanics would be busy practicing twenty pit stops twice a day, among other things. “In my experience, you might not win a Grand Prix because of a pit stop, but because of a bad tire change, a win is gone in no time,” Ioverno told Gazzetta dello Sport.

The Formula 1 season with 23 scheduled races begins on March 20 with the Bahrain Grand Prix.

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