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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Another died from the repression and the Police attacked protesters in front of a hospital

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With this death there are 48 deaths -among them a police officer- in the framework of the protests that began the second week of December after the impeachment and arrest of former President Pedro Castillo and his replacement by his former Vice President Boluarte.

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“We regret the death of Víctor Santisteban Yacsavilca in the violent demonstrations” in Lima today, reported last night the Ombudsman on his Twitter account.

Peru protester death Lima.mp4

The moment the projectile hits the victim’s head.

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Courtesy Wayka.pe


The publication did not specify how the protester died, on an afternoon where there were injuries and arrests. However the Ministry of the Interior (Mininter) referred to the fact through two contradictory statements, one of which was deleted after minutes.

The first was posted at 12:13 am on Sunday, January 29. There, the first information provided by the Red Prestacional Almenara was replicated. “EsSalud has reported that this person was treated at the Grau Hospital for a severe head injury“, he pointed.

However, the statement was deleted and another was subsequently published. At 12:49 a.m., he specified that, according to information from EsSalud, “this person was treated at the Grau hospital for a blunt cutting wound behind the ear, product of a blow”.


I deny all the channels that are saying that it is a stone. Tell the truth, it’s the only thing I ask for, I respect my family. We are going to get to the last consequences because the videos are there. I am addressing the president, as a woman, a sister, to look at us and help us, because it is not enough to say our condolences, we also want a healthy justice,” said Elizabeth Santiestaban, the victim’s sister.

This is the first death from the protests that has occurred in Lima, after Congress refused to advance the elections for this year as Boluarte had requested last week.

Precisely, Boluarte had said in a meeting with the foreign press that the groups behind the violent protests “seek a death in Lima.”

“They say that a death in Lima is worth a hundred in the province,” lamented the president last Tuesday at the Government Palace.

With struggles against the fence that protects the Congress in Lima, hundreds of hooded demonstrators, with homemade shields, stones and pieces of cement torn from public buildings, confronted the police in a new episode of violence around peaceful marches calling for the resignation of the President and early elections.

Protests against Boluarte continue

With the sound of detonations of tear gas bombs, the center of Lima became a battlefield, in the midst of a social upheaval that after 52 days of the Boluarte government shows no signs of subsiding, the AFP news agency reported.

“Not one more death, Dina is a murderer,” repeated the protesters at the march.

The demonstration began as a popular party with musical bands from the Andes and artists until a group of hooded men advanced to the surroundings of the Congress, heavily guarded by riot squads, unleashing strong clashes in which at least two were injured, one of them police.

The president regretted the vote, after midnight on Saturday, against the advancement of the general elections for this year, and urged congressmen to set aside personal and partisan interests to “pave a way out of the political crisis.”

“We urge the benches to put down their partisan interests and place the interests of Peru above,” Boluarte wrote on Twitter.

Before the violent eruption, hundreds of people from Lima and the mostly indigenous provinces gathered in Plaza San Martín to the call for the “March for the resignation of Dina Boluarte and early elections.”

“Without justice, peace is hypocrisy,” read the banner. of a group of ‘mourning clowns’ who paraded with Andean music in the background.

A few blocks away, the Concert for Peace was held, another demonstration but organized by civil groups that support the work of law enforcement.

Peru has been the scene of demonstrations for seven weeks calling for the resignation of Boluarte, who took office after Castillo’s arrest on December 7 for having tried to dissolve Parliament.

The clashes have left 48 dead, including a policeman burned alive, and 10 civilians who died in events linked to the blockades, according to the Ombudsman’s Office.

The Andean south, where historically neglected Quechua and Aymara communities live, has remained on the warpath demanding Boluarte’s resignation and elections.

After a session of more than seven hours, Congress rejected an advance of the general elections to 2023 early Saturday morning, as President Boluarte had requested in the face of the worsening situation and in an attempt to find a way out of the serious crisis. social and political crisis that the country has been undergoing for the past seven weeks.

The proposal presented by Fujimori congressman Hernando Guerra García, from the right-wing Fuerza Popular (FP) party, was defeated by 65 votes to 45, therefore the project to hold the general elections in April 2024 is maintained.

The proposal even anticipated the elections for October so that the president, congressmen and elective authorities handed over power in December 2023.

But the left insisted that a referendum on the Constituent Assembly should be included, a proposal rejected by a broad spectrum of Peruvian politics. Other forces denounced an alleged maneuver to gain electoral advantage by Fuerza Popular, the party of former presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori.

Source: Ambito

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