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24 refugees crammed together: smugglers convicted

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process in Linz
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According to the indictment, the accused had brought 24 refugees from Syria and Turkey from Vienna to the Upper Austrian-Bavarian border in the previous year. The people (including nine children between the ages of ten months and four years) were crammed together in a hold of only 7 square meters, without light, without adequate ventilation and without water and provisions.

The prosecutor therefore accused the Syrian of having put these people in painful conditions over a longer period of time.

The journey across the border took three hours, but at the Schwarzenberg border crossing, a German civilian patrol wanted to check on the Syrian. He turned around and raced back to Upper Austria. On the run, the accused is said to have accelerated the Mercedes Sprinter up to 150 km/h on the winding route, and repeatedly got into the oncoming lane that night.

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In panic, the refugees knocked on the partition wall, they were in a panic, some got short of breath and some had to vomit during the 36-minute mad ride. Luckily, no one got hurt. The Upper Austrian police were finally able to catch the perpetrator.

The refugees were no longer available as witnesses for the prosecution. You have already left Austria for Germany. Their written statements were read.

The Syrian made a confession. He himself fled the turmoil of war in Syria because he was seriously injured in a rocket hit in his village. Part of his jaw was shattered and he lost part of his tongue. In Passau he received a provisional right of residence and had an operation. But he had to pay for the plastic surgery himself. Therefore, due to lack of money, he carried out the tugboat trip.

The verdict of the jury, two years imprisonment, is not final.

Source: Nachrichten

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