Bolsonaro gave a speech in the US and promised to continue in politics

Bolsonaro gave a speech in the US and promised to continue in politics

I’ve never been so popular. Last year was much better than 2018 (when he won the election),” she added.

The act, where Bolsonaro received the affection of his followers, was organized by Yes Brazil USAa conservative organization of the Brazilian diaspora in the United States.

He also questioned the final results, which gave Lula the winner with almost 51% of the votes, compared to 49% for the former president: “Many people are still shocked by what happened in the elections. In the end, we are left with a question mark in the head. But we will face this moment and, God willing, together we will win.”

Elections in Brazil Jair Bolsonaro

Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil.

Photo: Andre Borges/Bloomberg

Bolsonaro and his life in the United States

The leader of the Liberal Party (PL) has been established in Florida since December 30two days before the inauguration of the president-elect, for which reason he did not attend the act of inauguration of the new government.

Nine days later, in Brasilia, thousands of Bolsonaro supporters, dissatisfied with his defeat in the October presidential elections, stormed the presidential Palace of the Planalto, the Congress and the Federal Supreme Court (STF). Bolsonaro distanced himself from those facts and regretted “what some inconsistent people did on January 8. That is not our right, that is not our people“.

In the United States, Bolsonaro supporters hugged their leader, took photos, and paid homage to him throughout the event: a prayer on his behalf, two songs, and various speeches in praise of his leadership of Brazil.

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