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New week brings sunny and cold winter weather

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Perfect weather for winter sports enthusiasts.
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At the Monday some extensive cloud fields pass through from the north-east and the sun only comes out more often in the afternoon. However, there is no precipitation in most regions, only in the far west a few snowflakes could appear again in the evening and on Tuesday night. Daily maximum temperatures minus four to plus four degrees.

The Tuesday will be a calm and sunny winter day. There are only a few early foggy patches, most likely in the inner Alps and in the south. Cloud banks could occasionally appear in the north-east in the afternoon. The wind mostly blows weakly, only moderately from northerly directions on the eastern edge of the Alps. Early temperatures minus 17 to minus five degrees, maximum daily temperatures about minus three to plus three degrees.

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In large parts of the country, am Wednesday the sun. However, a few foggy areas are noticeable within the Alps, on Lake Constance and also in southern basin locations, and a few deep, high fog-like cloud layers can also initially pass through eastern Austria. In the course of the day, however, the sun will appear more often in the initially cloudy regions. The maximum temperatures are roughly the same as the previous day.

Bright sunshine announces for Thursday on, in many regions it is even cloudless. Only in the inner Alps and in the southern basin areas are there a few patches of fog initially noticeable, but these also clear during the day. The wind from east to south-east will freshen up moderately in the mountains and in the east, sometimes briskly and intensify the feeling of cold. Early temperatures minus 16 to minus four degrees, maximum daily temperatures minus two to plus four degrees.

With weak high pressure influence it stays on Friday Expected to be mostly sunny, although a few harmless cloud fields can occasionally move across the sky from the south. The wind blows only weakly. Early temperatures minus 15 to minus four degrees, maximum daily temperatures minus three to plus four degrees.

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