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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Münichholz students filled twenty trolleys with purchases

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Club 41 President Rudolf Mayrhofer, Kornelia Ahrer from the Red Cross and the two school directors Eva Anselgruber and Günther Briedl with the purchases.
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Around 200 people line up at Steyr’s Rotkreuzmarkt every week to buy cheap groceries or hygiene items. The enormous rise in prices in recent months has made it impossible for many families and single people to meet their needs in “normal” supermarkets.

“Seeing this queue in front of the Red Cross market is depressing,” says Günther Briedl, director of the Münichholz middle school.

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In the lessons at the Münichholz school center – in addition to the middle school, these are the Punzerstraße elementary school, the polytechnic school and the Münichholz general special school – this sensitive topic came up this year. As a result, it was decided to ask students, their parents and teachers to donate nonperishable food and hygiene items from December to the end of January. Shopping carts were set up in the school auditoriums, which were filled by almost 300 students and 40 teachers. In total, goods with a total value of 3800 euros were donated. These donations have now been handed over to the Red Cross.

“In addition to collecting, our teachers also went shopping with the children by class,” says elementary school director Eva Anselgruber. The children learned a lot for everyday life as part of the campaign: compare prices, check offers, assess the price-performance ratio, calculate with money. And the students realized how expensive such a purchase has become in the meantime, and they also had fun and joy on their shopping trip for a good cause.

With the Club 41 Styria, a major donor also turned up for the schools and the Red Cross: President Rudolf Mayrhofer handed over more than 2500 euros and thus made a large part of the success possible with more than 2000 donated goods. A total of 20 shopping carts were filled with urgently needed goods.

“I am enthusiastic about the social and educational impact of the project. We, the Club 41 Styria, were therefore happy to make the proceeds from the 2022 Chamber Concert available for this purpose,” says the President of the Charity Club C41 Styria, Mayrhofer. The Red Cross is grateful for the generous donation: “We are delighted and impressed by the numerous donations from the Münichholz school center,” said Kornelia Ahrer, head of the Red Cross market in Steyr.

“The collection for people who need it was a resounding success,” enthused the directors Anselgruber and Briedl, “our students made effective help possible.”

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