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Comedian Kaya Yanar lost eight relatives in earthquake

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The picture shows Kaya Yanar performing in 2012
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Comedian Kaya Yanar claims to have lost several relatives to the devastating earthquake in the Turkish-Syrian border region. Some of the family are still in Antakya to take care of the dead, most have left the city. “There is nothing more for them there,” it said. The city of Antakya is one of the hardest hit by the earthquake in Turkey.

Yanars Mother organized a place to stay for 16 relatives in Antakya. “There they sleep like sardines on the floor. But these are luxury problems. They are warm, there is food and they have a roof over their heads,” wrote the entertainer. Yanar according to the relatives, they would cry uncontrollably or stare into space, and the children would cry out again and again at night because they were awakened by nightmares. An uncle from Antakya, who has now arrived in Germany, told of crushed bodies and screams from the rubble. “The absolute horror.”

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Yanar, who was born in Frankfurt, is grateful to his parents for having come to Germany from Antakya decades ago. “Even if they had their problems, it was pretty easy for me to get involved in society. How would my life have been in Antakya? Maybe I would have spent the last few days screaming for help under the rubble of my parents’ hometown.” Despite his broken heart, his tears of sadness were mixed with tears of gratitude for the willingness to help, according to the 49-year-old. Yanar announced that it would continue to collect donations and donate money already collected to Doctors Without Borders.

Source: Nachrichten

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