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Saturday, April 1, 2023

The municipal council voted 12:8 for Michlmayr to remain in office

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Confirmed: Michlmayr
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The construction affair, which has occupied the municipal council of the Mostviertelstadt for two years, has reached a climax. After Christian Marquart, who has since resigned, VP city councilor and electrical contractor, had paid back 66,000 euros to the city at the construction site of the animal park’s service yard, he was also suspected at the courthouse of having made excessive bills. This time, Marquart can no longer claim “active remorse” for making up for accidental mistakes for the citizens’ list “Für Haag”. With the old district court building, it seems as if Marquart has already cheated the city with more than 100,000 euros. At the urging of the citizens’ list, the municipal council had requested the accounts from the building inspector in the summer of the previous year in order to check for alleged inconsistencies, while Marquart always protested his innocence. Mayor Lukas Michlmayr (VP) then did not even hand over the data CD sent by the master builder to the examination board. Reason: data protection. He runs the risk of committing abuse of office, the mayor referred to the information from lawyers consulted and handed the data carrier over to the police for the public prosecutor’s office, which is investigating the cause. For Thomas Stockinger from “Für Haag” it was obvious that the mayor only wanted to hide behind the paragraphs and “block the investigation”. The list brought to the Lower Austria. municipal code a motion of no confidence against the mayor. This was rejected last week with 12:8 votes, which, as expected, failed to achieve the two-thirds majority required for Michlmayr’s vote out. “A vote of 10:10 would have given me something to think about,” says Michlmayr, but the result is enough of a vote of confidence for him. Of the 17 VP mandates, seven asked for an excuse before the meeting. Hours earlier, Michlmayr had suddenly activated the required data in a cloud on the Internet for the municipal councils. The bills are now to be discussed in a working group with all the town hall fractions and the installations are to be checked during joint inspections. “I want complete enlightenment,” says Michlmayr. “Quite late,” says “For-Haag” Mandate Stockinger.

Source: Nachrichten

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