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How was the supergas market in Uruguay formed?

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The Ancap plants, for Riogas and Acodike

Although the companies Riogas and acodike already made use of the plants owned by the state oil company in the tableFebruary 28 will mark the end of a cycle for both, and the facilities will begin to operate under new contracting and operating conditions.

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In this way, Riogas will operate the plant whose contract stipulates a use permit with a duration of eight years, while it offered a higher value in the tender opened by Ancap; and Acodike will operate the other facilities for five years.

The reason behind the temporary differences between the two rental periods of the plants is that the two companies have different business perspectiveswhich will imply a dynamic element of the market and greater competitiveness in the supergas market, seeking to eliminate cross agreements.

However, despite having bid and won the contracts, Riogas and Acodike questioned the state oil company’s call for bids, as well as several of the lease conditions.

Megal, the new player in Ducsa packaging

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For her part, the Uruguayan Fuel Distributor SA (Ducsa) awarded 100% of the service for the packaging of its supergas bottles: 70% corresponding to the first and second tranche remained in the hands of Megal, while the remaining 30% of the third tranche will be operated by Acodike as of March 1.

Initially, Megal had been pre-awarded for 70% of the bottle packaging, and Ducsa confirmed the award of the contracts five years for 45% of the service and three years for the other 25%. In this way, the gas company will operate for the first time with the Uruguayan distributor.

For its part, and with the award of the permits, Acodike obtained the remaining 30% of the service for the packaging of Ducsa carafes, while Riogas did not appear at the auction due to a disagreement with the requirements.

Source: Ambito

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