Weather service in France alerted: 31 days without rain

Weather service in France alerted: 31 days without rain
The dried up river Issole in south east France.

This has never happened in winter since weather records began in 1959, the weather service Meteo France said on Tuesday. This is causing the soil to dry out, which is remarkable for the time of year and has already been weakened by the drought in summer 2022. The condition corresponds to how you would normally find it in mid-April. The south of the country is particularly affected.

Although rain is expected later in the week, one of the driest February months since 1959 is imminent. France has been suffering from a worrying drought since the summer of 2021, Meteo France said. Since August 2021, all months except December 2021, June 2022 and September 2022 have had a rain deficit. The winter of 2023 will be one of the ten least rainy winters since 1959. It follows a particularly warm and dry year in 2022. In addition to the lack of rain, France has been warmer than average for twelve months in a row. For the first time since the survey began in 1947, such a long series of monthly average temperatures above normal has been observed.

In addition to the lack of rain, the snow cover in the mountains is also less than usual for the time of year. When the snow on the mountains melts in spring, it provides additional water supply for the rivers near the mountains. The weather service explained that the period from September to March is crucial for replenishing the water supplies. The situation could change, especially in March. The amount of precipitation for the next three months up to and including May is crucial.

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